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Vintage furniture, home accessories and other fun finds are usually for sale in the products section of the website. I tend to shop in waves, so if you don't see something you like, check back in a few weeks and I should have new product available.

Web Design and Web Master services are also available. Specializing in simple, effective web design for the small business owner, I can also put my English degree and marketing background to good use and help you write the content for your site. I am efficient, responsible and easily reached for making updates. Check out some of my work, below:

nw dressage
golden quilt company
meredith green designs & monteverde fiori
north ranch equestrian group
holmby park realty
sensation in the night
grace home shop (maintenance)
equinox equestrian center (maintenance)
brand new entertainment (maintenance)
lucky leaf food (under construction)

I also dabble in writing, and have blogged for Furnicology and The Golden Spiral. (Sadly these sites are no longer around.) Additionally, I write lifestyle articles that appear on informational websites such as, and From horse manure to lead crystal, I've written about it! Check out some of my favorites, below:

How to Compost Horse Manure
How to Identify Vintage Sterling Flatware
Characteristics of Gothic Revival Furniture
What Does Thread Count Mean
Differences Between King Beds
Different Types of Crystal Glasses

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