Amy Swanton Mills

Amy Swanton MillsAmy Swanton Mills is a designer, writer and home furnishings purveyor. She is the founder of Glamour Goes Green, a boutique company offering interior and web design services as well as affordable vintage home furnishings and accessories.

Prior to this, Amy was an in–house designer and sales associate at Grace Home Furnishings in Brentwood Village, California, and currently serves as their Public Relations Director. She began her design career with post-graduate work at UCLA and Harvard, and honed her writing skills with a bachelor’s degree in English and History from UCLA.

She is passionate about changing our culture of disposability and waste, and seeks to share simple ways everyone can live more sustainably.You can usually find her at the computer, but she may also be horseback riding, prowling around estate sales or tending her flock of urban chickens.

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